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Jason Lindsey: Wandering Among The Mist

This series began as a way for me to explore my backyard. I live along a beautiful river and I love going out back to see what mood the river is in each morning. It brings me such peace to absorb myself in the river for a few minutes each day. I created these images to bring this sense of peace to others. 

Land Conservation Foundation

In 2003, a group of passionate East Central Illinois citizens and conservationists saw the need for a new organization with a unique, locally focused mission.

LCF was created to preserve and restore local woods and wetlands along rivers and creeks — areas often threatened by development. LCF also educates landowners about programs to preserve their land in its natural state.

LCF’s priorities include:

  • Ensuring access to clean drinking water

  • Improving wildlife habitat by connecting lands

  • Helping all ages understand and enjoy nature near home

Sizing, Printing  and Pricing

The total cost of the print includes a donation that the buyer makes to the charity directly at the time of purchase. The buyer receives the tax benefits and the immediate satisfaction of knowing that through their purchase they made a difference. Once the donation is made, the buyer then purchases the print from Giving Photography for the remainder of the amount. 

We ask that you donate 25% to the Land Conservation Foundation. 

Want more information on how this works?  Link here.

Listed price is inclusive of donation, shipping and printing costs. Framing and mounting not included.

20 x 10:   $825  (Edition of 10)

30 x 15:   $1575  (Edition of 6)

50 x 25:   $4075  (Edition of 3)


WANDERING NO. 02, 04, 05, 06, 07

20 x 15:   $825  (Edition of 10)

30 x 22.5:   $1575  (Edition of 6)

50 x 37.5:   $4075  (Edition of 3)


22 x 10.5:   $825  (Edition of 10)

30 x 14.5:   $1575  (Edition of 6)

48.5 x 23.5:   $4075  (Edition of 3)

All prints are printed on Moab Somerset Museum Rag (300gsm, 100% Cotton, Mould-Made, Radiant White, Matte, Buffered w/ CaCO3) paper.

All prints come signed by Jason Lindsey.

A Certificate of Authenticity will be provided.

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