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We understand that people want to make a difference in the world and want to lead positive and impactful lives. By connecting photographers to buyers with shared philanthropic interests, Giving Photography can become the catalyst to start meaningful conversations around urgent issues and raise money to help support them; all while making the world a little more beautiful. 

There are a few steps involved in purchasing a photo:

1) Choose the image and related cause you would like to support.
2) Make the donation to the cause directly on the charity's website per the photographer’s request
3) Provide a receipt of the donation to the photographer (a screen grab is acceptable) by emailing
4) Pay the remainder of the sale price to the photographer by emailing
5) Receive print


The total cost of the print includes a donation that the buyer makes to the cause directly at the time of purchase. The buyer receives the tax benefits and the immediate satisfaction of knowing that through their purchase they made a difference. Once the donation is made, the buyer then purchases the print from Giving Photography for the remainder of the amount.


Please review our FAQ page for any other questions. 

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