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Lupine Hammack: Toy Trucks

Growing up the son of back-to-the-land hippies living in the Sierra Nevada foothills, these wooded escapes became Lupine’s way to step back from the communal, to slow it down, to dream, and to create.Inspired as a seven-year-old, Lupine took to the woods with his mother’s camera in tow. Because he knew the film was expensive, he began his photography career by taking one picture a week, each time carefully considering my story, how he would craft each scene, incorporate his toys, his props. Now, as a professional, Lupine incorporates his classic childhood toys into his series, Toy Trucks.

First Exposures

We are living in a time in which solidarity can no longer be a noun, living only in our words and on our social media, but it must be a verb of action, protest, and unlearning. Anti-Blackness and systemic racism are at the core of our nation’s history, impacting every facet of our lives. We are seeing now more than ever, young people are shouldering the weight of our history and being the catalysts of change with BIPOC youth leading the way. We must, as the First Exposures’ staff and board, support these efforts. As a youth-based arts organization working primarily with communities of color and other underserved communities, we are actively committed to dismantling systemic inequality in our society and within our own organization.

Sizing, Printing and Pricing

The total cost of the print includes a donation that the buyer makes to the charity directly at the time of purchase. The buyer receives the tax benefits and the immediate satisfaction of knowing that through their purchase they made a difference. Once the donation is made, the buyer then purchases the print from Giving Photography for the remainder of the amount. 

We ask that you donate 25% of the listed price to First Exposures
Want more information on how this works? Link here.

Listed price is inclusive of donation, shipping and printing costs. Framing and mounting not included.

Crane Truck
30” Long Edge: $5000 per print

Front Loader

30” Long Edge: $5000 per print

Concrete Truck

30” Long Edge: $5000 per print

Note: Sizing and dimensions are flexible and customizable, inquire if interested in a specific size.

Archival Metal Print

All Prints come signed by Lupine Hammack and are open editions.


Certificate of Authenticity will be provided.

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