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Doug Menuez: Oculus 

In 2005 I was commissioned by Mayor Blumberg to document all five boroughs of New York City for a summer month. The only caveat was that I had to walk each borough, practicing the street photography I began in New York City as a kid. I had returned to New York a few years before and was just getting to know a very different city post 9/11 than the terrifying one I grew up in and fled for California in the 1970’s. The project was successful and I was brought back to do it again for another month in 2006. 


After that, I never stopped my practice of street photography in New York City. Although we have since moved upstate, periodically I make time to go down and roam the streets looking for those fleeting moments that help me understand this complicated town. One day I came across the spectacular Santiago Calatrava designed Oculus sitting like a crashed alien artifact atop the new subway hub in lower Manhattan. 

As stunning as Calatrava’s structure is, upon my first visit I became entranced not with the soaring, wing-like ceiling, but with the bright, white floor. It's the perfect stage set upon which the tide of humanity passing by can reveal clues about their lives and relationships. So whenever I visit I take my place on the floors above just watching and waiting for a picture to happen down below; small miracles unfolding within milleseconds that often reveal something of the human experience we all share. 

NYC Salt

NYC Salt’s mission is to engage, inspire, and empower underserved youth in New York City to reach their full potential through photography, video and an understanding of the visual industry.

NYC SALT creates opportunities in visual arts and pathways to college and career for underserved New York City youth from diverse backgrounds who are dedicated to careers in the arts, by engaging them in a rigorous blend of professional photography instruction, college-preparatory workshops, and career exposure.  Our goal is to help student artists build advanced visual arts skills and the determination, confidence, and grit they need to succeed in college and future careers.

Sizing, Pricing and Printing

The total cost of the print includes a donation that the buyer makes to the charity directly at the time of purchase. The buyer receives the tax benefits and the immediate satisfaction of knowing that through their purchase they made a difference. Once the donation is made, the buyer then purchases the print from Giving Photography for the remainder of the amount. 

We ask that you donate to NYC Salt. Please click on the "Click Here to Purchase" button below for percentage information.

Want more information on how this works? Link here.

Listed price is inclusive of donation, shipping and printing costs. Framing and mounting not included.

All prints 11" x 17": $500

Oculus, No. 1. New York City, 2017.  


Oculus, No. 2. New York City, 2018.


Oculus, No. 3. New York City, 2018.


Oculus, No. 4. New York City, 2019.


Oculus, No. 5. New York City, 2019.


Oculus, No. 6. New York City, 2020.

Museum-quality pigment prints on archival fine art paper.

All Prints come signed by Doug Menuez.


Certificate of Authenticity will be provided.

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