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Dan Goldberg: Delicious

Ultimately, my work is a tribute to all the hard-earned lessons I’ve learned along the way — unpretentious narratives that reflect a lifetime of memories gathered from time spent immersed in the stories, scents, and sounds of rural towns, sculpted cities, and alluring nature. It is an on-going love letter to my wife and daughter who inspire me with their creativity and abilities to see the joys in the everyday details.

World Central Kitchen 

WCK is first to the frontlines, providing meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises. We build resilient food systems with locally led solutions.

Sizing, Printing and Pricing

The total cost of the print will include a donation that the buyer makes to the charity directly at the time of purchase. The buyer receives the tax benefits and the immediate satisfaction of knowing that through their purchase they made a difference. Once the donation is made, the buyer then purchases the print from Giving Photography for the remainder of the amount. 

Want more information on how this works? Link here.


Sizing, printing and pricing information will be available on site soon. If interested in purchasing, please click on button below. 

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